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Indigo Powder, Organic

Indigo Powder, Organic

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For Hair: Indigo powder (Indigofera tinctoria) offers the opportunity to tone down the redness that pure henna offers to those who choose to colour their hair naturally. Used as a mix with henna paste, or through a 2-step application process, indigo can allow you increase the range of colour options you receive from these natural herbs from beautiful auburn to brown to black. 


We encourage you to always do a strand test to fine tune your indigo to henna ratio, and remind you that where henna powder requires time to allow the dye to release for optimal staining, indigo paste is ready for application immediately upon mixing with water, so it is best to plan your mixing and application times ahead of time. Indigo paste has no shelf life and cannot be frozen in the same manner as henna paste to extend its viability and staining prowess with your hair. 


We do not recommend using pure indigo paste alone on your hair - as it will yield greenish to blue translucent tones over the hair's colour. Henna acts as a mordant for indigo, so they are best used in a combination, even 5% henna to 95% indigo as a base "pure indigo" paste. 


To use indigo: Mix it with warm to hot water to a consistency like greek yogurt. Let the paste rest for about 15 minutes for the dye to develop. Then apply to hair, either mixed with pre-made henna paste (dye release times are different - please see that product section for more info), or as the secondary step into freshly henna'd hair.  You can also use indigo with your favourite natural hair colouring recipe that you may have found online. 


Hair colour develops, and brassiness tones down, over the 48 hours following application. Multiple applications of indigo may be required for desired results. 

Our indigo is graded for external use only. Please do not ingest. 

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