A Bit About Us

Our Story

Dragonfly Henna was established in Calgary AB in 2003, and moved to Fredericton NB in 2007.

Larissa will write more when she finds the time. It is currently a miracle that the stock pics from this page have been replaced by henna pics! LOL!

Bear with me!

DIY utensils for tinkering
Henna Hand

Rich natural henna stain

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Storage containers for art and craft
Tattoo Test Drive

Henna offers the perfect opportunity to test drive your body art, before you have it inked, like this client did.

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Hello! Looking forward to filling your henna order, or teaching your next class, or designing on you in person. Natural henna stain on my palm.

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Art Class
Bridal Mehndi

Larissa has been applying mehndi since 2003. She brings clean lines, hand-crafted natural paste, and kind professionalism to your bridal event.

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Crafting Desk
Paste on - Henna is not black

Images you see of my work that look black have been taken when the henna paste was still on the skin. Natural henna only stains orange-brown. Stay safe!

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Colorful Pencils
Dragonfly's Henna Stain

Deep stains & clean lines!

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