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Body Art Glue

Body Art Glue

SKU: GT0010

10 ml wand of liquid acrylic adhesive. Doe-footed tip makes application even and simple.

Used widely in the medical field for prosthetics, and in the entertainment world for SFX, liquid acrylic is also used in body art to help adhere cosmetic glitter to the skin from 2-7 days. 

Clean skin with rubbing alcohol and let dry prior to application. Use wand to brush a thin coat of adhesive (it will be white) and allow to dry. It is clear when it is dry and will be very tacky. Apply the glitter of your choice and enjoy!

Store body art adhesive between 10C and 30C. Extreme cold or heat will render the adhesive ineffective.

Shipped ONLY during the months of May-October. Can not freeze. 

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