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Henna Cones & Paste

Henna Cones & Paste

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Enjoy the ease of creating beautifully staining art with our silky smooth ready to use paste.


PLEASE NOTE: Fresh paste is perishable and MUST ship by either ExpressPost or by Courier, and is only mailed within Canada.


Curbside pickup can be arranged if you are in the Fredericton area.


Please read over options for Size, Paste Type and Preferred Oil before ordering:


Size options:

  • Single Henna Cone ($7 per cone): Cones contain about 12-14 g of paste, and measure about 4.5” long (see images).
  • 4-pack Henna Cones ($25 per pack): Your choice of 4 cones of available henna paste and essential oil combination. NOTE: All 4 cones must be the same paste and EO combo (not able to mix and match).
  • Henna paste in bulk ($28 per bag): 150g of superior, fresh made paste & EO of your choice (based on availability), packaged in a carrot bag for handy storage in the freezer and for convenient filling of your applicators.

Types of Paste (availability will vary, please see drop down menu):

  • Duet - Our blend of creamy Pakistani henna powder with stringy Indian powder. A harmonious paste with just enough drape to allow continuous lines, and enough flow to leave clean dots and achieve shading. Our best seller and most flexible paste for varied design styles.
  • Dreamy - Our paste is made from pure Pakistani henna powder, a creamy, flowy paste ideal for dot work, sketching, shading, fill work, and for artists who lay henna lines by "drawing" rather than "draping". A super paste for beginning artists.
  • Drapey - Our straight Rajasthani powder, with stringiness for days. Beautiful paste for running long, unbroken lines, and the perfect paste for those committed to full time draping of their henna designs.

Essential Oil options:

  • Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia - high altitude, EcoCert, Bulgarian - a rich floral scent that is somewhat fruity, mellow and smells like fresh lavender
  • Cajeput - Melaleuca cajeputi - Indonesian - a fresh, camphorous aroma resembling the combined fragrances of camphor, rosemary, and cardamom, with a slight fruity note
  • Lavender + Cajeput - A balanced blend of both of our favourite oils
  • Skip the Oil – Your henna can be produced without essential oils if you would prefer to add your own, or would just like to keep things simple. Please note that oil free henna may yield a lighter stain to your skin. If you are looking for henna for stretched hide drums – then this is the paste option for you!
  • Shipping

    Fresh henna paste is made-to-order, and is perishable, since there are no added preservatives or chemicals. It must be shipped by the fastest means possible - being ExpressPost (Canada Post) or air courier (Purolator).

    If fresh henna paste is a part of any order, the entire order will be shipped together, as fast as possible.

    Monday is our shipping day! All orders received by 9pm (Atlantic time) on Friday will ship out on Monday. This allows us time to make paste, pack orders, and leave enough time for parcels to arrive without hitting postal delays over weekends. 

  • Pickup

    Fresh henna paste can be picked up at a pre-arranged time from my home studio in Fredericton. 

    I normally have henna on hand, and can manage same day pickups for most paste requests. 

    Please select "Pickup" at checkout, and then we can arrange a mutually convenient time. As henna paste is perishable, and I don't want to temp Porch Pirates - pre-arranged pickup times are mandatory. 

    I do not have a storefront open to the public, so cannot accommodate drop in orders / pickups. Thanks!

PriceFrom C$7.00
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