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Henna for Hair - Paste

Henna for Hair - Paste

SKU: PS0040

200 g of our premium Henna for Hair paste, made with just natural henna powder and distilled water - blended to perfection and ready to use, upon arrival.


How to Store:
     Please store your henna paste in the freezer until you are ready to apply it to your hair. It is perishable, but will keep well in the freezer for 6+ months. Just defrost henna paste at room temperature when you are ready to apply. Replace any leftover henna paste in the freezer for your next touch ups!


     Henna for hair may stain skin and fingernails (to a degree - see note below) - so grab some gloves, and protect the skin around your hairline with an application of cocount or olive oil, or some other made-for-skin barrier. 

     Be sure to wear an old shirt, or wrap your shoulders in an old towel to protect your clothing from the henna.

     Make sure your hair is clean, but un-conditioned. The hair can be damp or dry.

    Have a dark facecloth handy, as well as a package of plastic wrap or a shower cap, as they are needed at the end of application.



To Apply:

     Section the hair into 4 or 6 quadrants, depending on length and thickness of hair.
     Apply paste to each section using the supplied carrot bag (just clip off the tip), or by transferring paste to a bowl and using a colour applicator brush. Start at the roots and work your way to the ends, coating evenly. 


     It is best to section the hair, and start application of paste at the roots. Make sure you are wearing gloves to prevent staining of your skin and fingernails! Once you have an even application of paste to hair - gather up all the hair in a kind of bun, or pile, on top of your head. Keep the henna paste warm and moist by wrapping the pasted hair with plastic wrap or by putting on a shower cap. Wipe off any excess paste from forehead, neck and ears. Leave paste on the hair for 1-4 hours. Wash out all the paste in the shower with water and some hair conditioner (no need for shampoo at this stage)


Herbal hair dyes have a natural grassy, organic smell to them. Some people like this, and some people do not. You will smell this each time your hair gets wet during the initial days following hair colouring. If you'd like, you can add a few drops of essential oil to your paste before applying it to you hair. Please be sure to use non-sensitizing oils (like lavender) in their proper dilution, so that you do not irritate your skin or make yourself unwell.


* You may be tempted to purchase this paste for use on the skin, but we do not recommend that. While we do use our same high quality super fine sifted powder - this paste is made with only water and henna, and lacks any sugar or essential oils. Henna paste for hair also uses older powder from our stock, which, while perfect for colouring and conditioning hair, may not yield a vibrant, long lasting stain on the skin. 



  • Shipping

    Fresh henna paste is made-to-order, and is perishable, since there are no added preservatives or chemicals. It must be shipped by the fastest means possible - being ExpressPost (Canada Post) or air courier (Purolator).

    If fresh henna paste is a part of any order, the entire order will be shipped together, as fast as possible.

    Monday is our shipping day! All orders received by 9pm (Atlantic time) on Friday will ship out on Monday. This allows us time to make paste, pack orders, and leave enough time for parcels to arrive without hitting postal delays over weekends. 


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