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Sugar Sealant Pad

Sugar Sealant Pad

SKU: AC0070

For those who would like the ease of sealing their henna with a simple sugar sealant, Dragonfly is now offering our handy single-use cotton sealant pads. Soaked in a simple syrup solution, these pads should be dabbed on top of your henna art as soon as the paste is touch dry.


The sealant helps ensure your henna paste stays stuck to your skin and flexible, allowing for best stain results.


Purchase for your own use, or to give to the guests that you apply henna to.


Please note that sometimes during transport, the outside of the bags can become sticky. If that is the case, a quick rinse under running water will fix that right up.

  • Storage & Use

    Please keep sugar sealant pads in the freezer until needed. This will prevent any sort of spoiling that may occur if the natural cotton pads are stored at room temperature. 

    These pads are intended for single use (per design and per person). although you can use the same pad to apply multiple coats of sugar sealant to the design within the first hour after paste has been applied and is touch dry. For health and safety - please don't share pads with another person, nor reuse the pad for a future design. 

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