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Syringe Kit

Syringe Kit

SKU: AP0050

Kit contains 2 plastic syringes (5ml and 10ml), 3 blunt needle tips in 3 sizes: 19 gauge (brown), 20 gauge (yellow), 21 gauge (green), and general instructions for use. The blunt needles easily twist into place on the luer lock tips of the syringe, making filling, designing and cleanup easy. 


Syringes are the preferred applicator in many parts of the world - most notably used for Moroccan-style inspired designs. Syringe applicators, when paired with a silky smooth paste with a bit of stringiness to it, like our signature Dragonfly Duet paste, allow the artist to lay unbroken, controlled lines to achieve the beautiful blocking and geometrics found in African design.



1. Using a layer of plastic film around the plunger can extend the life of the syringe when used with pastes that have essential oils mixed in. Eventually, it is expected that the plastics in the syringe may break down from use and from exposure to essential oils. Replace syringe when functionality is compromised. 

2. Be sure to clean your syringe and your tips very well at the end of your art session, and allow to dry completely before storing them

3. Draw the henna paste into the syringe by removing the blunt needle tip and pulling the henna paste in with the plunger. Clean the tip area well, attach the blunt needle, and begin to make your art. 

4. Over time and repeated use, the syringe plastics will stain from the henna. This is to be expected, and will not impact the functionality of the applicator. 

5. This packet contains both a 5ml and a 10ml syringe to accommodate different hand sizes and different techniques of holding the applicator during art creation. It is normal for you to possibly pick a favourite size. 





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