Hand Practice Board

SKU: TL0020

Perfect for practicing design and layout work in henna. Great way to capture your art work, and since it is reversable, allows you to work on right or left hand - palm or back.


Rinses or wipes clean with a soft cloth, and is hand washable. You can also leave your design to dry, and then scrape it off with the flat surface of a plastic card. Be careful not to gouge or scratch the surface.


This acrylic board will not stain when using our 100% botanical  henna paste, or when following our recipe and using natural henna powder and pure essential oils.


Note about staining: Other products claiming to be henna (like many imported, mass-made cones) will likley stain the boards, due to the adulterants and / or chemicals that are present in these pastes (and normally are not listed in the ingredients). 


Note about shipping: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping fees will be added to the order.


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