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SKU: AC0040

Single sheet, individually wrapped, measuring 6 cm x 7 cm (2-3/8" x 2-3/4")


Waterproof, breathable, flexible, clear and hypoallergenic. This 3M product is an awesome option for wrapping and sealing henna in one single step, while allowing you to still see the design through the clear film. It takes a bit of practice to use, but has held up to our water tests, and has not caused any of our testers issues with irritation or difficulty for removal. Sold as single sheets these are sized perfectly for hands and arm or leg and foot designs. Can be overlapped on edges to cover designs larger than the sheet size. Careful trimming can also make these awesome for wrapping fingers.


It is not recommend to use any sugar sealant before the film is applied to the henna and skin, for best adhesion and results. 

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