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The most amazing and spectacular hennaz done by a lovely woman with a box of wine. or something like that to say a bit aobut your pictures

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We hand mix every gram of natural henna to silky perfection to ensure every cone is filled with love and magic that is skin safe and beautiful to behold.

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Nothing is more memorable at a party or event than having an artist creating live art on site.

$80 (for first 3 people) + $10 per

Henna Birthday Party (youth)

The guest of honour receives a larger design of their choice to set them apart from the crowd. Guests will choose a beautiful wrist to fingertip design to share in the celebrations! Henna = Smiles! :)

1 hour • $50 base fee + $15 per guest

Henna Party (Adult)

Get your friends together to share in the fun of temp body art! As a stand alone event, or as part of a Bridal / Baby Shower or ladies night, henna brings unique beauty to all! Msg for more details!

1 hour • $75 (for up to 10 tattoos)

Glitter Tattoo Party

Glitter Tattoos are waterproof, smudge proof and last from 1-5 days. Great for pool parties or at home or other venues. Quick to apply and fun because the kids can see and enjoy their designs.

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